Cheerleading ProFINcial Chompdown

The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium was a sea of Shark frenzy this weekend.
The Cheer Sport Sharks were represented at the Cheer Evolution Ontario’s with 29 teams from Ancaster, Cambridge & Ottawa.There were 25 teams competing in all
divisions and 4 teams competing in the Road To Worlds.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”
This past weekend was a true definition of that philosophy for our athletes.

With 13-1st, 8- 2nd, 3 -3rd & 2-4th place finishes plus
1 Partially Paid BID and 2 At Large BID’s to Worlds,
1 choreography award and 4 Grand Championship Awards
we think SUCCESS is spelled SHARK!

Here are the final results:

1st Place ~ CookieCutters, Megamouth, Smalltooth, Bamboo, Basking,Wobbie, WhiteCheek, StarSpotted, SailFin, WhiteFin, Swell & Great White
2nd Place ~ Lemon, Goblin, Blacktip, Piked, Bahama, Starry, WhiteSpotted & WhiteTip
3rd Place ~ SilverTip & Grey Reef
4th Place ~ Speckled, Thrasher & California
Honorable Mentions to our Blue, Velvet & sand Sharks – Outstanding performances!

Our Grand Championship Winners:

Level 1 – Mini Smalltooth Sharks with High Score!
Level 2 – Youth Wobbegong Sharks
Level 3 – Senior SailFin Sharks
Level 5 – Junior WhiteFin Sharks

WORLDS Division:

Partially Paid BID to IOAG 5 Great White Sharks with Highest Worlds Division Score!
At Large BID to Sr 5 Swell Sharks & OAG 6 Grey Reef Sharks
These 3 teams will be travelling to Orlando Florida in April to compete in the
USASF World Championships and we wish them much success!

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