Cheer Sport Sharks Performing Tumbling Routine

Tumbling is an important part of competitive cheerleading. The term tumbling is used to describe gymnastic elements such as cartwheel and backhand springs. There are two equally important components of tumbling: Standing and Running.

We offer a number of ways for athletes to gain exposure to the tumbling elements of our sport. We offer semi-private and private lessons, group tumbling classes as well as special sign-up weeks with fabulous US instructors.

Tumbling Classes

Group Tumbling Class

Group Tumbling Classes are perfect for athletes who prefer to work in a team setting to reach their goals. Classes include 8 hours of tumbling per session. Book 12 classes for $300 +HST. Maximum of 10 athletes per class. Contact us for more info or to book your spot today.

Here is a description of some of the skills that athletes will work to achieve in each level:

Level 1: Cart wheels, Round offs, Back walkovers, Front walkovers, proper technique, form and strength building. Drills and skills to prepare for level 2.    
Level 2:
 Back handsprings, connecting skills, front tumbling, drills and skills to perfect level 2 and prepare for level 3. 
Level 3 & 4:  
Round off tucks, Round off handspring tucks, multiple standing handsprings, front tumbling and standing series, standing tucks, layouts, and specialty lines.  
Level 4-5: 
Standing tucks, Multiple standing series, layouts, progressions to fulls, fulls, specialties and doubles! 

Open Tumbling

Open tumbling is included in your monthly tuition and is designed for athletes to work at the gym on tumbling skills, jumps or choreography they are comfortable working without spot or a significant amount of coaching. There is one coach to supervise open tumbling. 

OPEN GYM FOR 2014/15


Monday 7:30-8:30pm
Wednesday 5-6pm
Thursday TINY/MINI – 4:45-5:45pm
Sunday 5-6pm


Monday 8:30-9:30pm
Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm
Sunday 10-11am


Monday 4:30-5:30pm
Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm
Saturday – TINY/MINI 3:15-4:15pm



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    Hey Shark Fans! We want to give a special shout out to everyone competing this weekend at PCA Nationals! Both Great Whites & Grey Reefs are competing on Friday night, and then lots of Shark Alumni will take the floor on Saturday with their University teams.

    Friday Comp Times: RUN 1: GW - 7:30pm, Gravies - 7:40pm. RUN 2: GW - between 9:20-9:30, Gravies - between 9:40-9:45.

    Come out to the Powerade Centre in Brampton to see this great event! Good luck everyone!
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    Getting emails like this makes our day!!! THIS is why we do what we do!

    Dear Ali and Alana,

    I wanted to say thank you for following your dream and creating Cheer Sport Sharks. My daughter is a member of the Polkadot team and this is the first sport she has participated in where she wakes up each day (no word of a lie) and asks "Do I have cheer today?". Last school year she was witness to bullying actions by peers which caused her to become very self conscious and anxious. Since joining Cheer Sport Sharks, she has flourished. My husband and I attribute a great deal of this change to the comfort and acceptance she feels from your staff, her teammates and fellow sharks.

    I would like to make special mention of her coaches, Erin (Moe) and Kiana (Horch). These ladies are exceptional. They have taken 12 young girls who have never experienced cheer and who did not know each other and turned them into a team of sisters. The genuine care these ladies have for the girls does not go unnoticed. As I looked down from the stands at the Breath of Life competition, I see Horch surrounded by the team and she is the leader of an impromptu dance party. It was priceless.

    Thank you again for all that you have created. Much continued success and you have a shark for life in my daughter!
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