Making a safe, strong return to sport after an athlete has been hurt requires physical rehabilitation as well as mental preparation. How your mind thinks about your next move is equally important as how your body works when you head back to the gym. It may sound strange when it was only your body that got hurt, but your body and mind are a team, so focus on making sure both are strong as you come back from an injury.

No matter what your injury was and how long your recovery was, give yourself a pat on the back for listening to your body and doing the right thing by getting professional help. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong, and you listened, and you got help from doctors and therapists who know exactly what you need to get back into action. Your medical care team has given you a lot to consider and pay attention to as you get back into training, and it’s important to you listen to them! And listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable with a move, or you feel pain again, stop and talk to your coach right away. Being held back by your own body is frustrating for everyone, and athletes Listen to Your Body FBare accustomed to setting high goals and working hard to achieve them. Pushing your body beyond what it’s ready for can set you back. If you’ve been cleared to train but with restrictions do exactly that and let your body continue to gain strength at a realistic pace to prevent further injury. If you’re not sure why your doctors, therapists, or coaches ask you to do or not do something, just ask!

Preparing your mind to get back into training can be hard because you may feel like your body has betrayed you. Good thing you have learned good habits for a positive frame of mind from your coaches since you started cheer! All of your visualizations and pep talks that you give yourself when you’re getting ready to for a training session or a big competition also work with recovering from an injury. When you step back on to the blue mat, you want to do so with confidence as well as physical strength. Keep track of your improvements, listen to your favourite music, continue to eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water, just like normal. It’s okay to be nervous, anxious, and feeling down. Talk to your health team, your family, and your coaches about how you feel!

Stay involved with your club or team! Talk to your coaches about ways you can remain an active team member in any way you can. This will help to boost your mental recovery – we miss you when you’re not around, and we understand how integrated mental and physical health is. The cheer community is cheering for you, and we look forward to training with you again when you’re ready to make your big comeback!

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