It’s hard to believe that another season of competition has almost come to a close, but that means it’s time for all of our gyms to burst with the excitement of May tryouts! If you’re new to our family or a returning Shark, spark some good cheer with these JAWsome reasons to be a Cheer Sport Shark!

  1. A FUN Team Sport for Artistic Athletes. Those smiles and enthusiastic cheers you hear from Cheer Sport Sharks are real! Cheerleading is a ton of fun, from learning choreography to executing stunts and building strong bodies to tumble and jump! Cheerleading is the ultimate team sport!
  2. Cheer Sport Sharks Offers Something for Everyone. Our club is not just a single facility supporting 1 city; we have 4 locations serving a huge part of southern Ontario. There’s The Tank in Cambridge, The Ocean in Ancaster, The Cove in Milton, and The Sea in Ottawa. Each facility adheres to the same codes of conduct and integrity. We welcome girls and boys of all ages and skill levels to participate in cheer.
  3. We Make Safety Our Top Priority. The strength of each athlete depends on their safety. Athletes learn the necessary progressions to execute each skill precisely. ALL of our coaching staff are USASF certified coaches.
  4. We Are The Best Cheer Leaders FBCoaches focus on building athletes both physically and mentally! The success of the Cheer Sport Shark family is based on taking care of our athletes in all aspects of the sport. This means body and mind. Of course, we focus on proper training techniques, warm-ups, nutrition, and listening to our bodies. We also teach and practice mental preparedness, confidence, supporting our teammates and developing coachable athletes who are strong team players.
  5. Make Friends for Life! What better way to meet like-minded people from different schools, and even from different cities?!
  6. Experience Team Sport with Individual Support. Our teams are in sync because our coaching staff emphasizes support for each individual athlete. Athletes receive personalized instruction and training every step and stunt of the way.
  7. Elite Training Facilities and Coaches for Every Athlete. Cheer Sport Shark staff work diligently to stay on top of leading-edge technique and choreography to remain a leader of cheerleading internationally. Whether you’re participating on a competitive team or a recreational class, every single athlete receives world-class training.
  8. Our Athletes Experience the World. If you attend a cheerleading competition, you’re bound to see an awful lot of sparkling teal because our teams compete locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. If your young athlete has ever wanted to see new places and experience the thrill of performance outside their neighbourhood, Cheer Sport Sharks can take them there!
  9. Skill Boosters with Specialty Classes and Camps. Sometimes athletes need a little more practice, or the opportunity for one-on-one coaching. We offer a number of skills-boosting programs throughout the year to help each individual meet their personal goals.
  10. Learn Skills for Life Off the Blue Mat! Cheer Sport Sharks learn how to channel courage and confidence, how to problem solve, to adapt to new things, accept constructive criticism, and how to work with a team.

EnrollEnroll now and find out what the fun is all about! Search for Tryouts 2019 for interest in competitive teams. See you soon!

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We know you'll love our fun, energetic and addictive culture! Athletes travel far and wide to be a part of our exclusive teams due to our success, renowned coaches and fintastic facilities. With such a variety of teams, we can offer the ultimate athlete experience. We've proven the the possibilities are endless! Come and experience our Shark success for yourself. We are the 'Go To' gym in Ontario because of our winning teams, happy athletes and invested coaches. Dive in for a life changing and exhilarating season!

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