Are you a cheer athlete preparing for a job interview? Cheerleaders, as you already know, make awesome employees. Here are some of the ways you can let your future boss know that cheerleading provides you with incredible transferable skills.

At a glance, these skills include:

  • Exceptional team player
  • Strong ability to work independently
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent with time management
  • Friendly
  • Energetic

Sounds like the requirements of every job you’re applying for, doesn’t it?

Begin by talking about how you’re not only highly trained to work as part of a team, but you thrive on it! Cheerleading is teamwork, and you’ve honed this skill to a fine art. You understand the mechanics of successfully working closely with a group of people who may have different experiences and skills brought together by a common goal. There is no job too small for you because big wins come from a multitude of tiny tasks. You’ve also learned how to identify the signs of a teammate who may be struggling and aren’t afraid to reach out with friendly support, contributing to a positive work environment.

Skills Cheerleaders Learn Awesome Employees FBFollow up by explaining that you are equally prepared to work independently. During team practice, you perfect the components of your team’s performance. But! The success of your team depends on the time you dedicate outside of team practice to polish your personal performance. You understand and respect your need to spend time in specialized classes, one-on-one instruction, camps, and self-directed gym time. In the workplace, this means you are a self-starter, open to constructive criticism, eager to learn new skills, and practice, practice, practice until you’re at peak performance quickly, and correctly. You’re ready, willing, and able to work hard!

Next, throw down the word initiative. To take initiative is to go beyond working independently; you will not sit around during downtime, you will stay busy by finding another task to do while you wait. This may include tidying up your immediate work area, getting a jump start on a task you were set to take care of later, or asking your manager for more work. Because when you’re at practice you don’t stand around waiting while the coach is giving tips to other teammates, or the equipment you want to use is occupied! Instead, you stretch, you mentally review your choreography, you troubleshoot with your teammates, or you help another athlete. Initiative is practically your middle name!

And don’t forget to tell them about the best part of being a Cheer Sport Shark! You are professional, friendly, and enthusiastic about your work on and off the blue mat. Whenever you need to provide examples of your skills, talk about your experience cheer experiences, and then compare that instance to how you might handle a similar situation at your job.

We love spending time with our cheer athletes every day and we’re proud to provide them with skills they’ll carry with them for life! Cheer Sport Sharks provides plenty of opportunities for athletes of all ages to experience #CheerLife. Check out our recreational and competitive programming, day camps, and birthday parties or contact your nearest gym for more information.

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