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Here at the Sharks, we know and LOVE cheerleading!  We are industry experts, so come and learn from the best! We offer many different ways to get involved in our sport, and have options to fit every commitment level. No matter your age, experience or ability here are Cheer Sport Sharks we have something for you! Read on to learn more about how you can get started in the world Cheerleading.

At Cheer Sport Sharks we're all about... 

  • Giving each athlete a home away from home 

  • Teaching the true meaning of team 

  • Reaching your goals through hard work 

  • Keeping the fun in youth sports 

  • Finding your true passion 

  • Inspiring the next generation 

  • We're all about you, and making you cheer experience a life changing one 

401 New Dundee Rd, Kitchener, ON N2P 2N8, Canada


Dip your toe in the water with our entry level cheerleading program. No experience is necessary for this fun class which has been specially created for learning all the basics. Our one-of-a-kind dynamic recreational cheerleading curriculum is designed to fit the needs and aspirations of every child. With a focus on developing a robust cheerleading skill set including tumbling, jumping, stunting, dance, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, teamwork, and confidence. Classes are structured around athletes’ ages and run once per week. 

  • Ages 3 - 12

  • Grouped by age

  • Seasonally

  • 1 Practice per week

  • No Competitions


Half Year

Our Half-Year teams are ideal for those ready to jump into more! The team will put together a routine including all the basics and perform this in a parent showcase.

  • Ages 3 - 12

  • Group by age

  • January-March

  • 1 Practice per week

  • Season-end showcase

Stretching, tumbling, cheerleading, gymnastics, recreational sport, low commitment sport, beginner cheerleading
Stunt, stunting, acro, gymnastics, cheer, sharks

All Star Cheer-Novice

Our Novice teams are the start of our competitive stream. They will learn a routine with all of the required judged elements and compete in local competitions. These elements are the fundamentals of competitive cheerleading and novice is a perfect place to start! Athletes can start tryouts at this level but these are not mandatory. Everyone is offered an opportunity to be part of our family. 

  • Ages 4+

  • Group by age

  • September-April

  • 1 Practice per week for 2 hours

  • 3 Local competitions

All Star Cheer-Competitive


All Star Teams offer a competitive team sport for all ages and skill levels. Our All Stars Teams are Prep 1 & 2 plus Levels 1-4. These are the next step in our competitive stream. Our teams have varied age groups and are created based on our programs needs after tryouts.

While our focus isn’t on winning, our All Star teams have impressive records on provincial, national, and international stages. Our competitors Fear the Fin, and with good reason; our safe, supportive, and passionate coaching techniques are designed to help our athletes thrive in the spirit of friendly competition with fine-tuned and fierce skill sets. 


Tryouts occur in the spring at all of our facilities and are conducted in a fun, easy-going environment. In addition to age, coaches carefully consider all aspects of individual athleticism from talent and ability to work ethic and positive attitude. We’ve got teams for every level from beginner to elite. You don’t have to know a thing, just come on out and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

  • Ages 6+

  • Grouped by level 

  • June-May

  • 2 Practices per week

  • 6-7 competitions

  • 1 travel competition


All Star Cheer-Worlds

Our highest and most competitive program includes levels 5-7. These teams require high commitment, skill level and dedication. These teams compete at the most elite levels offered and represent CSS both nationally and international. Every year they travel to the Cheerleading World Championships held in April. The CSS worlds programs has 9 world champions wins and 14 teams that compete. We are proud to be Canadas largest worlds program and can't wait to see you shine with us on the Worlds Floor one day!

  • Ages 14+

  • Grouped by level

  • June-May

  • 2/3 Practices per week

  • 6-7 competitions

  • 2 travel competitions



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