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Tumbling is an important part of competitive cheerleading. It’s also a ton of fun! We love tumbling, and have a variety of options for everyone to learn and advance their skills. Contact us for more information about semi-private and group lessons. We are also proud to offer an amazing variety of tumbling camps and clinics. Come flip with us!

401 New Dundee Rd, Kitchener, ON N2P 2N8, Canada

Semi-Private Tumbling Lessons

Coaches will work with each athlete to learn, perfect and maintain their tumbling skills as well as work towards new skills. These classes are open to athletes of all ages and abilities. Semi-private tumbling classes are available almost every day of the week to work with our athlete’s schedules and run for 45 minutes each with a 2:1 athlete to coach ratio. If only one athlete attends the class it becomes a 30 minute private.

Tumbling Group Classes

Our group classes have a maximum of 10 athletes per class and run for 1 hour each. These classes will be skill (walkovers, handspring's, tucks, etc) and age specific and will vary at each location. During these classes athletes will work on increasing their overall strength, basic techniques as well as new skill building. These classes are released monthly and their session lengths vary depending on day of the week, holidays, gym schedules, etc.

Skill Specific Clinics

Skill specific clinics run for one hour each and are a drop in only. We offer these clinics on various dates such as Friday/weekend evenings and holiday closures. During these classes athletes will work on improving the overall technique and strength of the clinic skill (example: walkovers, tucks, fulls, etc.)

Tumbling Camps

We run a variety of tumbling camps throughout the season that are geared towards all levels, 1 through 6. Every tumbling camp is focused on fundamentals, strength development and skill progressions within the athletes appropriate level. All tumbling camps are open to registered Shark athletes as well as non registered Shark athletes. 

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